My Work

I have worn a lot of different hats while at Disney, ranging from Studio campaigns to launching brands to writing really funny tweets. Here are some projects I particularly enjoyed. 


Destination Disney Style

To feature several of our Disney Consumer Products lines both stateside and internationally, our team developed a series that took influencers to another country to explore Disney fashion in unfamiliar places. We've visited Tokyo, Shanghai, Melbourne, London, New York and Los Angeles to report back on Disney street style, and show off Disney merch to our audiences to drive them to purchase. The show launched with a premiere at the YouTube Space in LA. 

Earning almost 3M organic views on our own network, by partnering with popular influencers to be our hosts, it opened our content up to millions of impressions out-of-network. 


Disney Design Challenge

Every year, OTIS College of Art and Design holds a competition for students in partnership with major brands. To show a fresh take on the very popular film, Frozen, we challenged OTIS design students to create fashion lines inspired by both Frozen, and different neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The winner's line would then be put into production and available for purchase. This show not only gave a new look at the very well-known Frozen franchise, it also created another ad sales unit that could be sold to interested retailers or licensees. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 4.05.10 PM.png


For a paid partnership with Party City, we took inspiration from one of our most successful video formats and gave it a Halloween twist. We took one model and gave her three different dramatic Star Wars looks perfect for Halloween, using Part City costumes and accessories. The result is mesmerizing to watch, and also inspired audiences to start planning their costumes. 


Disney Family: Disney princess Party

While I managed Disney Family, we began to create Disney IP-themed parties that would help inspire and equip parents while planning for birthdays and holidays. The parties included printables, recipes, decor ideas, and activities, all themed to their childrens' favorite films and characters. Because of the huge interest in Disney DIYs, third parties were interested in sponsoring whole batches of content--in this case, HP helped us create the perfect, summer Disney Princess birthday party. 


DIY: Create a Disney-Themed Bridal Shower

After our research showed a growing popularity for wedding content, specifically do-it-yourself projects, we created a bridal-shower themed episode of our Be Our Guest series that shows viewers how to put a Disney spin on their wedding-adjacent celebrations. I even got in front of the camera for this one a few times. 


Writing about my kitchen remodel for

After I bought my first house, I wrote an essay for Babble about how, once I was able to pump the breaks on my own perfectionism, I was able to makeover my kitchen for about $100 and a bottle of wine while I listened to jazz.


The ultimate disneyland photo shoot

Even if you work at Disney, one does not simply say “we want to do a really cool photo shoot with bloggers at the Park.” For logistical, financial, and brand reasons, this just doesn’t happen. But one special day, a coworker and I were able to align the talent, budget, approvals, legal, and enough pro-bono crew to make such a shoot happen. The result is one of my favorite editorial projects ever—pretty much just a dream photo shoot in