I make things for the internet.



I make things for the internet.


My Time At Disney

I worked for Disney for over eight years, starting as an editor on one of its first social media teams, then as a senior social strategist, now as a senior manager of content strategy. Here are some projects I've worked on...


Disney Style

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how old you are, you're still a Disney kid at heart. After some research, we realized this was even true of fashionable 18-24 females. Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse, and animated classics were finding their way into the style blog posts and Instagram feeds of girls all over the world, so we decided to join the conversation. 

I managed the launch of Disney Style, from its look, feel, and tone to its social media persona across several platforms. We now boast an extremely successful site, beautifully curated Instagram account that can sell out products we feature, e-commerce experience, and partnership opportunities with third party sponsors. Disney Style content ranges from beauty and fashion, to lifestyle DIYs and news relevant to our readers. Disney Style also boasts a YouTube channel with 550k+ subscribers for whom we make tutorials, DIYs, magical transformations, and lifestyle videos.


Disney Family

Disney Family is Disney Interactive's DIY, craft, recipe, and activity site focused on parents finding Disney ways to spend time with their kids. 

I took over management of Disney Family in May of 2015 and immediately overhauled the brand with a goal to make it a Pinterest-lovers dream. My team updated the photography, refreshed the project and craft types, initiated a social and marketing plan, and created new ad products for sponsorships. Recently we've begun creating short form food tutorial videos that earn millions of views. 

The result has been beautiful Winnie the Pooh and Princess parties, healthy Good Dinosaur snacks, printable holiday placemats, and very pretty pictures. 


Oh My Disney

The Oh My Disney brand was created to speak to Disney fans in the vernacular of the internet, and deliver relevant digital content based on whatever format, platform, or subject was currently popping. We create videos, photo series, articles, quizzes events, and now product that are for Disney fans, by Disney fans. I was able to write for Oh My Disney when it began, which was one of the most fun jobs I've had here at Disney. In 2017, I got to step in and oversee the brand during one of its most exciting periods of growth yet. 


Disney Pixar Social Media                                                                                                                  and Digital Branding

For over two years I managed the social media presence of the Disney Pixar brand, films, characters and franchises like Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, and Monsters, Inc. I created all editorial for Pixar's social posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram during my tenure, and launched and curated content and strategy for the official Disney Pixar Tumblr. One of my favorite things to brag about: the Disney Pixar Tumblr actually made it into Tumblr's 2012 book of best brands on the platform, and got a Mashable mention as a "brand doing Tumblr right."

The overall social strategy was to maintain brand affinity year-round based on nostalgia for Pixar films and the innovative spirit that surrounds the studio. During film marketing windows, I'd work with Walt Disney Studios digital marketing team to extend their campaign into social. The rest of the year, I'd work to make sure fans still heard from and interacted with their Toy Story pals, and received tear-jerking updates from Carl and Ellie of Up.

As a result of this awesome project, I have a bizarre and potentially unmatched knowledge of the Pixar company, its history, and all of its amazing films.